COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Members of Decorah Lutheran Church,

None of us ever expected the COVID-19 pandemic to last as long as it has. In the spring and early summer, many of us held out hope that we would be returning to “normal” interactions in the fall. Now as we enter into winter, we are experiencing a rise in cases nationwide and locally. Despite the best efforts of many, this pandemic has not passed quickly or easily.The recent rise in cases locally is of concern to me and the council. We have closely monitored the guidance of health workers, Iowa government, and the Decorah Public Schools. In response to what we are learning, Decorah Lutheran Church is closing the building to all programs, meetings, and activities with the exception of worship effective immediately. Only necessary administrative functions will continue on site. The building will remain locked. These restrictions will remain in place until at least December 10th, 2020.Worship will continue in the building and continue to be streamed online. Those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 are asked to worship online. For those who worship in the building, our policies of physical distancing, mask wearing, limited points of contact, and reduced singing will continue. Those unwilling to abide by these policies are asked to refrain from in-person worship until we move a less restrictive phase. Some programing, meetings, and activities will transition to online formats.As your pastor, I again ask you to follow these procedures for the safety and wellbeing of the entire congregation. I do not like this situation and look forward to the day when this pandemic is behind us. These days may be full of uncertainty, but we do know that God has not abandoned us through this pandemic. May you find comfort and hope in God’s love. 

Peace+ Pastor Kowitz

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